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Patented Dark Signal Research technology can replace heavy chemical cells with light weight storage devices using cryptographically structured data during the storage initialization phase. Please see our Technologies section for an overview of how this is realized.


Next generation environmental sensing and targeting systems are exploring multispectral sensor fusion for warfighter awareness and precision targeting. Some of the more interesting technologies are advanced projection systems giving the warfighter a comprehensive three-dimensional view of the battlefield and small scale targeting systems.

These types of systems are often processor constrained, since they are required to execute complex targeting algorithms that are computationally intensive. The addition of hardware encryption to process ultra-high resolution digital video can both be a costly endeavor and add unnecessary complexity to system circuitry. Next generation night vision is an example of such a technology essential to warfighter survival and maintaining our advantage over U.S. adversaries. Since batteries are often the heaviest items in handheld battlefield components, a night vision goggle or targeting device should have the smallest battery possible.



Patented Dark Signal Research technology addresses this problem and enables the encrypted recording or transmission of large data sets, even with severely constrained processor resources and the tiny footprint often found in handheld optical and targeting devices.


Secure Real Time Digital Video Links

Cryptographic jitter is analogous to audio or video jitter that may be experienced on a bandwidth constrained communication links. Even though a link may have sufficient bandwidth for unencrypted audio and video transmission, the time to encrypt and decrypt data can introduce delays that impair information comprehension by the warfighter. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that next generation systems often collect and large amounts of digital data and are mobile in nature.

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Patented Dark Signal Research technology addresses this problem and enables encrypted links for ultra-high resolution digital imagery using standard wireless protocols. The goal is to use NSA approved Suite B algorithms without having to resort to high cost NSA certified devices.  By utilizing algorithms such as AES, Suite B encryption systems have become more standardized, less expensive, and easier to develop. Suite B compliant communication links and storage systems are approved for the processing of classified data.